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Our Services

Care Thai Massage is situated in Panmure, Auckland. Care offers caring massage therapist services. Massage therapy can help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. ​Regular massage therapy can benefit one's physical and emotional, and I think it's a crucial component of self-care. Come along as we explore the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy. Massage therapy helps​ increase circulation and makes sleep more restful. It reduces tension & headaches, reduces muscle pain and stress, has a soothing effect, and keeps your heart healthy. You can attempt this twice or three times every month. The experienced masseuse is ready to assist you. It is the most effective approach to relieve all stress and discomfort in the body.​ When you need to take a break from the stresses of a long, hectic day. You are welcome to visit Care and get the massage treatment you deserve.

Our services are intended to relieve stress, de-stress, and encourage relaxation. Medical counselling is more therapeutic than Thai massage. Kindly see a doctor if you are experiencing any problems. 

Check the Google map to see when the shop is open or closed. I will provide an update over there.

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